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Registration Instructions
The application process will open in 2/26/2018 and remain open until 4/10/2018 or until 225 students are registered.
Currently 230 student(s) registered.

Registration is Currently: CLOSED

Please read the following instructions and rules before beginning the registration process.

Bofore proceeding with the registration, please make sure that, for each student, you have:
  1. the parental consent form signed by a parent of guardian for each student (Click to get parental consent form).
  2. the photograph consent form either signed, or declined by a parent or guardian (Click to get photo consent form).

When all required materials are ready, proceed by pressing the "Next" button. You may go back to a previous page in the registration form to change information before submitting the form.

After the registration is complete the confirmation page will be shown and may be printed. An email with the confirmation page will be sent to the sponsoring teacher's email address.


  • Students must to be sponsored by a high school teacher.
  • The teacher must ensure that each student's parental consent form and photograph consent form are either signed, or declined, before proceeding to register a student.
  • This website may be used to register up to 10 students.
  • To register more than 10 students, complete registering 10 students at a time and restart the process for additional students as necessary.
  • NOTE: Students may compete in both Mathematics and Game Show Contests.

Required Information:

  • High School Name
  • Student Names
  • Student's Home Address
  • Student's Phone Number
  • Student's Email Address
  • Sponsoring Teacher's Name
  • A Contact Phone Number
  • Sponsoring Teacher's Email Address